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January 17, 2019

Bethnal Green can be a really great place to stay fit and healthy, whether that’s out and about in the local parks or by taking one of many classes in the gyms dotted around the area. We recently met with Laura who runs a weekly pilates session in the Cranbrook Community Centre, just off Roman Road every Saturday morning where you and a friend can join for just £5 each!

Your history

I come from a background of hating exercise! I had a real aversion to it, accompanied by some painful childhood memories of always being picked last for the netball team. I discovered more enjoyable fitness in my late 20s, having stopped smoking and needing an activity to help me manage both my weight and mindset, having put the cigarettes down. I’m quite the exercise cliché in that I haven’t looked back. I retrained as a fitness professional and set up my own fitness business in 2001. I’ve always felt in a great position to empathise and guide those who don’t warm to the idea of exercise initially.

Your business 

I aim to deliver fitness content that’s both effective and palatable. I try to keep routines short and low maintenance when it comes to kit and cost. When working with individuals, I ensure I listen to their limitations before issuing fitness and diet prescriptions. And when it comes to classes, my aim is to offer a dynamic environment and a thorough workout, but a session that feels to the individual like the time’s flown!

My Pilates Sculpt class is for anyone who’s ever wished they didn’t have to choose between a workout and Pilates. And for anyone who wants to strengthen their core, or top up their physio exercises, at a relatively low cost.

Your passion for the area

I’ve lived in Tower Hamlets since 1997 and worked in the Borough since 2000. It feels like it’s continually changing, evolving, whether that’s the addition of a new development on the Isle of Dogs or another independent coffee shop in Bethnal Green. I love the fitness offerings in the area too: it really does feel like there’s something for everyone, from affordable fitness classes and budget gym memberships to Europe’s largest luxury health club (Third Space)!

And I’ve been so lucky to work with Bethnal Green’s beautiful Cranbrook Community Centre and Food Garden on my classes – Janet, Eileen and Lizzie have been very supportive in helping me build this fantastic, friendly little class.

Your offers 

I try to keep my classes competitively priced, so they’re available to all. I’m currently offering my Pilates-Pal promotion – if you bring a friend, you both attend for half price (£5). I also offer concessions, and will always aim to be flexible on cost for anyone wishing to attend on a limited budget.

Your future 

My aim is to continue to build an effective, supportive and intimate exercise environment: one that encourages class participants to tick all their fitness boxes (strength, flexibility, a bit of heart health) as well as enabling them to meet other, friendly local residents on a Saturday morning!

Laura runs her Pilates Sculpt classes in the Cranbrook Community Centre on Saturday mornings from 9.30-10.30 AM. Visit Laura’s website for more details.

Author: greg

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