Bethnal Greeners Series – Oxford House in Bethnal Green

June 21, 2018 has a new weekly interview format, which will explore the great stuff that’s happening across the E2 area. It’s for those who don’t want to go deep, but want to be in the know.

First up, we have Oxford House. We caught up with CEO John Ryan so that he could test drive the Bethnal Greeners format. Each interviewee will be given 5 simple headings to respond to in no more than 30 words, offering our readers an angle on their past, their present and their future, all shot through with why it is they love Bethnal Green. Easy as that. Here we go then….


  • Your history


Oxford House was established in 1884 as the first “settlement house” where students and graduates from Keble College, Oxford undertook a period of residential volunteering to learn first-hand about the realities of urban poverty.


  • Your business


We provide affordable office space to organisations. We’re also a multipurpose arts centre with a theatre, gallery and dance studio. We provide a range of volunteering opportunities where you can gain valuable work skills.


  • Your passion for the area


We’re part of the furniture in Bethnal Green, & have been for over a century. We look to reflect the community in our programming and in who we host, and always will. Long live Bethnal Green!


  • Your offers


As a charity, we understand the need for flexibility and the importance of good value for money. For where we are, you’d struggle to find a better deal on space and we’re proud of that.


  • Your future


We have exciting times ahead, with Heritage Lottery backed renovations on our Grade II listed building starting now! (see below!) We’ll have new cafe, offices and roof terrace for the community by 2019 + a new Cultural Programmer.












Author: greg

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