Bethnal Greeners Series – Fresh Fish

November 30, 2018

Next up in our Bethnal Greeners series we have Sami Youseff; kickboxer, fishmonger and all round good guy! he’s just recently opened shop on 414 Bethnal Green Road selling all sorts of incredible fish, do check him out and have a good read of his interview below!

Your History

I’ve got a great deal of experience as both a fisherman and fishmonger. I’m originally from Rosetta in Egypt, just east of Alexandria where I owned a fishing vessel, so I’m experienced in this industry – ‘I’m like a fish you see, you take me out the sea and it’s a problem!’, with the scars to prove it – I lost a finger out in sea in a freak accident reeling in a net!

In London I used to run two restaurants in Shoreditch for around 12 years before I opened Fresh Fish with my business partner, who also owns a similar shop in Whitechapel. Initially, I helped him out over there when he had a child and now we’ve taken to opening up a venture in Bethnal Green.

Your Business

Having been witness to the successful Whitechapel shop of my business partners for some time now I decided to open up Fresh Fish as a local Bethnal Green fishmonger, sourcing the best quality produce every day straight from Billingsgate market.

Your passion for the area

Bethnal green is a good area with nice people, there is definitely a community spirit here. I get a lot of different customers; Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Bangladeshi to name a few. I used to live and study in Italy for around 6 years, so can speak both Italian and Spanish which helps. Bethnal Green is also a great location for me to work in, as I train professionally in K1 kickboxing, closing shop here most days and grabbing my bag and going straight to my gym which is based nearby in Shoreditch.

Your offers

We specialise in seabass, salmon, lobster alongside a variety of different fish. I source my fish from Billingsgate market 3am every morning, delivering this to both the shops before we open up each morning. We ensure that our fish is the freshest and the pricing remains competitive, I believe is because of this that nearly 80% of our stock is sold by the end of the day.

Your future

I would like to spend more money and time on the look of the shop, make it a classier and appealing to my customers. We are still at the beginning stages of opening up so have big hopes for the coming weeks and months.


Author: greg

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