Point Blank: Pop Up Swimming Pool

September 12, 2017

Zany fashion brand, Point Blank, transformed an existing shop space into a visual swimming pool.

Point Blank recently launched its first pop up store in Redchurch Street, London. Known for its crossdisciplinary approach, the brand extended the reference of the latest collection, The Bigger Splash of David Hockney, to the pop up space.

Following the Californian poolside allure and suburban suspense in the latest Dive In summer collection, Point Blank cladded the shop space in bold colours up to a waistheight datum. It was as if the walls, floors together with the furniture were dipped in a pool of water. Using only cheap materials like rubble sacks, oilcloth and tape, the plasticity and rawness subverts the Californian idyll.

‘We cannot afford to invest massively in a 1-week shop space. So we went for the cheap temporary aesthetics that celebrates the transient nature of pop ups. As a result, the simple concept of mimicking a swimming pool was ironically uncompromised and gritty,’ says Adrienne Lau, ‘and the “water datum” made the clothing visually float. We wanted to make everything coherent and true to the concept.’ After welcoming guests and customers to the week-long pop up shop, the Point Blank team took down the installation and cleared the space within 3 hours.

Website and shop: www.pointblankdotdash.com

Point Blank Dive In Collection Film

A film has also just been released. It is a manipulation of video clips taken during the catwalk. The videos are played on an old CRT television which gives an interesting filleted frame. Magnets fixed to a rotisserie motor creates rounds of magnetic impact. It visually distorts and changes the colours of the models and clothing. It echoes the the theme of dreamy and acid californian poolside.


Brand Profile

Uniting street aesthetics and luxury sensibility, Point Blank is a London-based beyond-fashion collective founded by Central Saint Martin graduate Yanyu Chung and former Prada architect Adrienne Lau. The duo embarks on fashion, scenography, films and music to present themed visions. Point Blank was awarded the Fashion Scout Presentation Award at SS17 LFW and has dressed British rock band Black Honey lead singer Izzy B Phillips for 2017 UK and Europe tours.

Photos: Raquel Diniz / Interior Photography



Author: greg

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