Bethnal Greeners Series – Fox Supplements

October 26, 2018

The latest in the line up of businesses to feature in our Bethnal Greeners series are Fox Supplements; a supplement shop situated on Bethnal Green Road stocking a wide range of national and international supplementation products. We recently caught up with Jay at his shop to find out more about his business, what he has on offer and learn about his passions for Bethnal Green.

Your history

This is actually my second business; I used to run an estate agency for 14 years prior to opening up Fox Supplements. I really saw a demand in the market for high end supplements from people who were serious about gym and their overall fitness. These were the same brands used by professional athletes and many were their respective sponsors. I saw an opening for supplementation that differed from what was already on offer from high street retailers such as Holland & Barret. What I wanted was to be another option for people, operating in a brick and mortar style, changing the ratio of people who purchased online rather than walk-in to a shop. I’ve been an avid gym goer myself so I really understand where my customers are coming from, so that helps in shaping the products I make available to the public.

Your business  

I stock a wide range of supplementation products from high end brands used by serious athletes. When I make decisions on what stock to bring in, I always carry out thorough research on each and every product. I look into who the sponsors are for popular athletes in the industry and what products they prefer over others. In turn this means I bring in unique products, national and international brands – many of my customers spend considerable time in the gym and wish to achieve optimal results; I’m just here to assist them on their journey to achieving their fitness goals, providing them with advice and the right supplementation products their bodies need.

Your passion for the area 

Bethnal Green, I felt like it was the right place to open up a supplements shop due to the close proximity of a number of gyms and the growing popularity of health living and fitness. Also, I’ve grown up around here so I’m a local face; I thought to myself where else would I do so but somewhere where my friends can turn up to, it just made sense. If I opened up a shop say for example in Walthamstow, then hardly anyone I know would turn up. If however, people heard “Jay” opened up a shop in Bethnal, they would swing by and purchase from me, someone they know and can trust. I believe having a local face still matters, yes maybe if this was a chicken and chip shop it wouldn’t matter as much but with something like supplements, people want to buy from someone and somewhere they can trust.

Your offers

I think most importantly, I like to think of myself as an ethical person, I really want to operate in this manner, unfortunately this industry is known to have a problem with substance misuse, in the world of supplements; everyone wants to grow big and do so quickly. Steroid misuse is prevalent, I want to steer people away from this, from harming themselves and move them towards making the right decisions. I don’t just sell products but also offer free consultation and expert advice for people wanting to get the best from their supplementation. 90% of the customers that buy from me want to be sure that the products they opt for work well with their biology and unique genetic makeup. I understand that everyone is different, and no one product will work well for every body type. Sometimes, you find someone in search for a magic pill in this industry, but unfortunately this isn’t the case, and I work with these individuals to guide them towards the right supplementation regime that works best for them.

Your future

I am keen to start a new brand in this industry, one that is reputable and just expand from there. We are also currently in the process of developing a website. We hope to offer our customers an option to purchase online from us as well as in coming into the shop

Fox Supplements are based at 427 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 0AN and can also be found on Instagram @foxsupplements and online at

Author: greg

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