Bethnal Greeners Series – The Beehive

August 31, 2018

Next in our Bethnal Greeners series is a new cafe offer on Cambridge Heath Road, The Beehive. Long term friends of Love Bethnal Green, it’s great to see this tasty offer emerge as the daily public face of Bethnal Green Mission Church. We caught up with Pastor Mike Houston, who told us a bit about past, present and future for The Beehive. We’re looking forward to working with Mike and the team more moving forward – look out for October collaborations…


Your history 

When Annie Macpherson, the founder of Bethnal Green Mission Church, started work in Bethnal Green in the 1860s, she wanted to offer hope, love and hospitality to those living in poverty and on the margins of Victorian society. She developed a ‘Home of Industry’, where homeless children could find not only shelter, warmth, and something to eat and drink, but also an opportunity to learn new skills. Her building was known locally as ‘The Beehive’, a place of ‘industry’ that became a noted feature of Bethnal Green Road, where people could encounter a welcoming and hospitable community. Hence, our name!


Your business

The Beehive forms part of the wider charitable work of BGMC. The Beehive is a café, community hub and co-working space providing high quality food, coffee, tea and welcome. It is a not-for-profit enterprise with a desire to use any money made to drive quality and to support and equip those from disadvantaged backgrounds through partnership and opportunity.

Your passion for the area

Like many organisations in Bethnal Green, we have been around a long time in different forms. The diversity and creativity of Bethnal Green with all its paradoxes and challenges continues to inspire us to work for the well-being of all.


Your offers

As a church and charity we hope that our new building will be a creative, accessible and welcoming hub and we are open to anybody using it. We are particularly passionate that high quality, locally made food and coffee should not be set a premium cost, so we have set all our hot and cold drinks, cakes and food at prices we think most people can access.

Your future 

We hope that the Beehive, alongside other projects and events running from the new BGMC building will add to the vibrancy and creativity that already exists in Bethnal Green and we look forward to partnering with others so the community can benefit from this space.

The Beehive can be found at 305 Cambridge Heath Road and is open every day of the week.

Author: greg

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