Puzzled? Escape Land

October 14, 2015

Along with a couple of friends, I find myself locked in a room filled with logic puzzles, hidden keys, word problems, and a female mannequin in pilot’s goggles. We have exactly 60 minutes to solve all of the puzzles and open the final door, or be trapped in time forever! With the clock ticking down, and the adrenaline running high, I can only laugh at some of the alternative ways we’re trying to figure things out.

Escape Land is no ordinary entertainment. In a city that has it all, Londoners are always looking for the next hair-raising challenge. Having to navigate your way through a series of brainteasers, under time pressure, offers a memorable experience.

Sandor Lengyel – the creative genius behind this ‘live escape game’ – opened Escape Land on Parmiter Street in June 2014. Inspired by his visits to puzzle rooms in Europe, and with a nod to the popular Crystal Maze, Sandor has created his own set of mind-bending puzzles here in Bethnal Green to test your creative intelligence. As Sandor explains, the key is to work together, pooling your creativity, lateral thinking and logic skills to find your way out. Families, friends or work colleagues – from 2-5 players – can collaborate as they grapple with anagrams and hunt down clues amongst the curious objects. It makes an alternative diversion for birthdays, social gatherings and team building, and Sandor tailors each game to suit guests and their occasion.

HELP! If you get stuck you can always grab a walkie-talkie to use your lifeline; Sandor is ready to give you a clue and point you in the right direction.

This is not for the faint hearted. But if you want to test your logic skills, have a laugh with your friends or just do something different – then this is the place for you.

-By Sarah Beydoun

This article can be found in the East2 Insider’s Guide to Bethnal Green Magazine 2015. – See more at: http://issuu.com/walkeast/docs/east_2_2015_issuu_2 

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