Global Design in Bethnal Green: In Conversation with Kevin Brennan from Brinkworth

February 8, 2022

Brinkworth is an Interior Design Agency based in Bethnal Green. We spoke to CEO Kevin Brennan about his role, exciting projects, and the organisation’s place in the local area.

LBG: What is Brinkworth?
We are traditionally known as an Interior Design Agency, although the nuance around this discipline takes us deep into Experiential Environments.

LBG: What does Brinkworth do?
We create long-lasting brand experiences essentially, ‘A global design agency that builds strong connections between people and brands.’

LBG: What is your role at Brinkworth?
I am the CEO

LBG: Can you tell us about one of your favourite projects that you have worked on?
There are so many; I’ve been here a long, long time! I am most proud of Greenspace, a brand experience with hospitality and events that included a rich cultural and educational program. It was in Valencia, Spain and we were very much part of it’s inception. The project helped regenerate a huge derelict site in the city and generated a cultural legacy that cemented the area as an arts destination. More recently, we teamed up with Ravensbourne University to design their Institute for Creativity and Technology, a space dedicated to fostering experimentation, connection, and collaboration. The building is part of the new Design District on the Greenwich Peninsula.

LBG: How did Brinkworth come to be in Bethnal Green?
It was cheap. In the early 1990’s, we were all based around the Shoreditch area after leaving Art School. Our founder, Adam Brinkworth, took on the ground floor space in Ellsworth Street along with his friend, the designer Michael Marriott. Adam initially used the space as a workshop to design and build his ideas.

LBG: Has being in East London shaped or impacted Brinkworth in any way?
I like to think that Bethnal Green helps define us as an agency. I believe that it is as all modern cities should be – there’s this variety of working environments, offices and businesses thriving and integrating with a local community.

LBG: How has Brinkworth engaged with the local community?
We work, live, shop and play around here.

We are part of the Government Kickstart Scheme, a new employer initiative to create six-month paid work placements for young people aged between 16 to 24 years old who are at risk of long-term unemployment. The scheme provides funding for businesses to offer high-quality jobs for young people. Brinkworth is proud to be an active member of our East London community. Educational initiatives are one way we hope to contribute to increasing diversity and inclusion within the creative industries of our local area. We plan Creative Careers days for the local community in collaboration with the London Met University and Tower Hamlets Art Teachers Network to inspire young people about potential careers within art and design.

LBG: Do you have any exciting upcoming projects/collaborations that you can share with us?

In this game, we work under substantial NDA’s, so there’s a lot we can’t say! However, I can talk about the Nightingale Project, which brightens up hospitals and health centres through the arts. Research suggests that art and music can contribute to the healing process, so in 1998 the project began in South Kensington and Chelsea Mental Health Centre. Since then, the Nightingale initiative has worked in numerous wards and clinics across West London in collaboration with the staff of Central and Northwest London NHS Foundation Trust. At the moment, we are finalising the design for the Nile ward at St. Charles hospital. The Studio is extremely busy working across multiple international projects encompassing Retail, Sports, Hospitality and Work-spaces amongst other areas.

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