June 2018 – To Do List

June 6, 2018

& so we move into June, a month that welcomes another outrageously over-hyped sporting gathering to our cultural calendar. The World Cup in Russia may well bring some entertainment to our screens, but that can’t take away from the frankly appalling behavior of football’s governing body FIFA. Over racism & corruption, they are peerless in how often they let the world down, so keep the football in context this month, & open yourselves up to some of the wonderful stuff happening right here on your E2 doorstep…





Friday 15th June – 7 – 9pm

The Common House is aiming to get people involved in working collaboratively & contributing to the running of their Riso’ Print Club. If interested, you should come along & understand what they do first, learn how the print machine works & agree to teach other people how to use it in return. Once introduced, it may be possible to print some of your own work but the emphasis here is definitely on working collaboratively, creating a visual commons & becoming a contributing member rather than just a consumer. This is a gathering that would suit E2 residents interested in exploring being radical and being grass roots.

Unit 5E Pundersons Gardens, London, E2 9QG


‘THE GREEN’ – Oxford House

Tuesday 19 June – 6pm  

Come & participate in the monthly meeting of ‘The Green’, to hear how LBTH plans for Bethnal Green are developing. If you are a business owner, come & represent your business & share your ideas with us. If you’re a resident, come & have your say on the issues that are important to you.

To get involved in the meeting & to add an agenda point you feel needs addressing please email: bethnal.green@oxfordhouse.org.uk

The strength of these meetings is in the guest list, so please do share this opportunity far & wide; businesses, residents, organisations – all welcome.

Oxford House, Derbyshire St, Bethnal Green, London E2 6HG


Bags of Taste – Eating Better for Less; Quaker Social Action;

Wednesday 20 June for 4 weeks

Quaker Social Action provide free hands-on cooking classes, improving confidence & getting you eating better for less. Over four weeks, Bags of Taste will have you cooking great-tasting simple recipes from all over the world, all at less than £1 a head. The sessions are relaxed & friendly, no F-words – we promise! They’re filled with people who want to learn new recipes & ways to save on their food shop. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or eat halal, the team will have something fantastic for you.

Walter Newby Centre, Bethnal Green Methodist Church, Approach Road, E2 9JP


An Evening of Bengali Experimental Poetry & Talks; St. Margaret’s House

Saturday 23 June, 6:30pm

This unique gathering is organised jointly by the Gronthee, a leading literary magazine, together with one of the foremost groups of little-magazine & experimental poetry in Bangladesh & RadhaRaman Society. A critically acclaimed platform here in UK will bring the splendour of Bengali Folk Music to the Bethnal Green stage. The event also offers critical discussion on the current trend of experimental poetry in Bangladesh.

The evening features performance from some of the most prominent Bengali poets of the 90s, an extremely fertile decade in Bengali poetry, The evening also includes a guest poet from Bangladesh – Zofir Setu.

The Hall at St. Margaret’s House, 21 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL


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