Long live pigeons!

March 22, 2016


9,400 Londoners die of the consequences of air pollution every year. That is why, Plume labs developed a mobile phone application to help you find out about the quality of the air you are breathing, and gives you advice on how to protect yourself. Currently, they are using race pigeons to fly sensors all over London. If you tweet your area of London to @PigeonAir, they’ll tell you how toxic your air is!

The current data (http://pigeonairpatrol.com/) on Bethnal Green indicates that the air is generally highly polluted. Their next recent project, in collaboration with Imperial College London, will start in June of this year and asks 100 Londoners to wear their own pollution sensors to create the first human-powered air pollution monitoring network. So far, the company has crowdsourced over £10,000.


-By Helen Taupin

Author: greg

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