The Green Meeting – October

October 12, 2017

Every month, Oxford House invites local businesses, residents and community groups to a meeting known as “The Green”, with the aim of encouraging the community to shape up its own ideas for the high street in Bethnal Green.

Our next meeting will be held on 24th October at 6pm.

We’re delighted to say that we’ll be joined on the 24th by Sandra Scotting from the Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust. Sandra will be talking to us about progress on the new memorial, commemorating those who lost their lives in the Bethnal Green disaster of 1943.


– Sandra Scotting from Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust
– Our Christmas event
– Our ambitions for Love Bethnal Green
– Shop Front Improvements
– New bike racks for Bethnal Green

Please, let us know in advance if you would like to raise any issue on the meeting so we can add it to the agenda:

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