To-Do List 19- 25 September

September 19, 2016

Nothing is more surprising or more welcome than sunshine in the UK. Nothing is more astounding or jubilated than thirty-degree heat in September. Maybe it’s compensation for the months of temperamental weather, maybe it’s a bittersweet nod to the global warming challenges ahead. Either way, we’d like to relax into it, before we scare it away. Here are a few things to do in Bethnal Green this week: things you can do inside and out, just in case the weather has a mood switch again.


Keep up, Kick-Up – Monday 19th September // Bethnal Green Centre for Sports & Performing Arts

The football season has begun, so keep up with the League by getting some practice of your own in. With a lot less commitment and cost than traditional local football leagues, you can visit and organise your own impromptu 5-a-side. Open from 6pm to 11pm, as long as you’ve got a couple of mates up for it, you can come and play on the indoor AstroTurf. And if you all want to get really serious, you can book a block of the same time for weeks in advance, and start a tournament of your own to rival that of the Premier League. Grab your boots.


Bethnal Green Centre for Sports & Performing Arts: Gosset Street London E2 6NW


Something to consider – Wednesday 21st September // Roman Road

Tom Esam has taken a collection of photographs concerning the use of rhetoric in political campaigns. A technique that dates back to 4th century BC, and used then by Greeks and Romans, rhetoric has been part of political campaigning from the conception of the ideals of the modern Western world. Esam, often using his own name and image in his work to highlight the covert methods of influence and persuasion in politics, is showing his work for free on Roman Road. We’d suggest a visit: it’s never a bad time to hold up a mirror to the political system we entrust.


Tickets: Free


Roman Road: 69 Roman Road, London, E2 0QN


Go Wilde – Friday 23rd September // Sager + Wilde

Few things sound like bliss to everyone. A terrace, critically-acclaimed wine, an innovative menu and a (hopefully) warm London evening, sound like bliss to all. In the heart of Bethnal Green lies Sager + Wilde, a must-go on your to-do list this week. Known for its wine selection and fairly reasonable price, visit their website to reserve for this Friday when the restaurant opens from 5. Sager + Wilde is one of the gems of Bethnal Green, and if you’re looking to form more, ahem, romantic links before winter inevitably bitzes us, this would be a great destination.


Sager + Wilde: Arch 250 Paradise Row, London, E2 9LE



A Global Gathering – Saturday 24th September // Oval Space

There’s no place like London: one of the busiest and most vibrant cities. Often we get so bogged down by the negatives that we forget to open our eyes to the beauty of one of the most alluring aspects of the City: its multiculturalism. When it comes to appreciating the cultures of the world, you’d be hard-pressed to find another Western city with as much embrace as London. This is why Percolate: Global Vibrations is probably one of the most anticipated events this week. Held at the Oval Space, this club night is going to be one hell of a party. Offering music from all over the globe, come and have fun and do one thing that we Londoners know how to do well: celebrate.


Tickets: £12.50-£17.50

Oval Space: 29–32 The Oval, London, E2 9DT


-By Izora Baba, Volunteer Blogger

Author: greg

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