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April 26, 2016

Wednesday 27th //Our London Talks: Gentrification: good, bad & the ugly?

Oxford House will be polishing our wine glasses and playing hosts to an evening of discussion and debate. In collaboration with the Londonist we’ll be joined by a special panel of speakers who will be providing their viewpoints on the changing city and evolving landscape of London. Yes, we’ll be delving straight to the heart of the topic, with the buzzword that we all seem to love to hate – Gentrification. It’s been slandered, scorned, and vilified by many, but perhaps there are some redeeming qualities that can come out of the process.

Joined by Guardian journalist and commentator Dawn Foster, local author and East End Tour guide David Rosenberg and Julie Begum chair of the Swadhinata Trust we will be asking whether the changes felt are always bad, and postulating on whether we can make the greater changes work for the local community. Drinks will be available to purchase, to blow of some of that heated discussion steam. We look forward to welcoming you in!

Oxford House – Theatre, Derbyshire St, London E2, UK

Tickets: £7adv 7:00 pm -8:30 pm (doors open 18: 50)


Thursday 28th//Soundcrash presents Dizraeli @ Seabright Arms

This Thursday Multi-instrumentalist, MC and sometimes singer Dizraeli, is set to be gracing the stages of the Seabright arms for the London leg of his Eat my Camera tour. After a 6-year period of producing and touring with band, The Small God’s, Dizraeli has now gone solo. Bringing with him his witty lyricism, maverick honesty and signature mashup of hi-hop, beat-box, and a clunky jazzed up folk. And not forgetting that infectious Bristolian twang. So make sure to grab your pint of local ale and sink into his medley of barefaced politics and acoustic soul-searching’s.

The Seabright Arms: 31-35 Coate Street, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9AG

Tickets: £10.50 adv, Doors open at 7 pm


Friday 29th // Paulo Nimer Pjota @ Maureen Paley

Sao Paolo based artist Paulo Nimer Pjorta, presents his vast pastel toned canvases and metal sheets embellished with words, characters symbols, plants vases etc. As a former graffiti artist Paulo merges his interests in music history, philosophy and socio- politics to explore his relationship with the city he lives and works in. Influenced more by music then by artist, Paulo envisions his process of creating as similar to that of a rapper. Like sampling and repeating to produce a beat “I cut a part of history and reproduce, cut another and reproduce. His works becoming a synthesis of contradictory ideas and the pluralism of object as image.

Paulo Nimer Pjota currently lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil

Maureen Paley 21 Herald Street, London E2 6JT


Saturday 30th// The Battle for Bethnal Green – David Charnick’s, Footprints of London

Once upon a time, Bethnal green was a semi-rural hamlet with its Green protected under a trust. Come the 19th century it became a newly industrialised hub of the British Empire. How did this once rural area cope with the demands of Urbanisation? As a lifelong, Eastender, and City of London Guide, David Charnick has helped to develop a structured guiding culture, both in Bethnal Green and the Borough of Tower Hamlets. Join him on a guided tour that will look at the process of Urbanisation, and visit the local monuments that have helped bring about equal opportunity and Social Change for all.

Meeting Point: The Clerk’s House, next to St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch High Street

Tickets: £12 Standard, £9 Concess.

The walk will take approximately 2 hours. For information on travel, please use Transport for London’s Journey Planner.

David Charnick


Sunday 31th//On their own Britain’s Child Migrants @ The Museum of Childhood

This one’s is as much for the children as it is, for the Adults. Venture down the Museum of Childhood to see and hear and remember the touching, heartrending stories of Britain’s Child Migrants.  Sent from their family homes to countries far and wide in the Commonwealth, in promise of a life of education and betterment, the experienced realities were much further from the truth. Many were isolated, forced into child labour and many would never return to their homes in Britain.

On their Own features varied First-hand accounts, photography, personal items and videos and specially commissioned folk songs by leading British musicians. By recovering the lost legacy of child migrants, the exhibition looks at ways of reconciling the painful histories of the past by honouring their courage, bravery and autonomy. P.s. make sure to bring a pack of tissues.

V&A Museum of Childhood: Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9PA

Open Daily: 10:00am – 17:45pm

On their Own: Britain’s Child Migrants


-Leah Abraham

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