“The Green” – Wednesday 21st March – 6pm, Oxford House

March 16, 2018

“The Green” will meet next Wednesday 21st March, bringing together businesses, residents, organisations and representatives from the Tower Hamlets Town Centre Team.



At this meeting, we’ll be reflecting on points covered last month, looking at the East End Trades Guild “Affordable Workspace Manifesto”, and discussing what’s missing from the Bethnal Green events calendar in 2018. 

We are joined this month by John Ryan, CEO at Oxford House, who will update us on the up and coming heritage project including the building works and the community activity programme. He’ll also give us a whistle stop history of Oxford House since 1884. 

To bring any discussion points to the table this month, please email: bethnal.green@oxfordhouse.org.uk

Agenda for “The Green” 


  • John Ryan – Oxford House, guest speaker 
  • Actions from “The Green” in February 
  • Market development work summary
  • Window decorations and animating our town centres
  • East End Trades Guild, Affordable Workspace Manifesto update 
  • Update on Stars of Bethnal Green // Phytology // Falmouth Photo briefs
  • Events in Bethnal Green > where can we take this? 
  • AOB


These meetings are gathering good momentum and they feel positive. It’d be great if we could all take the chance to encourage new people to attend, and actively participate in the conversations we’re having.   

Any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line – bethnal.green@oxfordhouse.org.uk

Author: greg

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