Young people bringing energy to your business as volunteers? No catch.

March 12, 2018

We caught up with Project Officer Amber Plumbly from the aptly named ‘Volunteering Matters’, to hear about the mutual benefit that their programme ‘Positive Futures’ can bring to our community.


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Hi Amber, thanks for stopping by. So tell us about ‘Positive Futures’?

Hi! It is a Lottery Funded project that works in Haringey, Tower Hamlets and Hackney. It aims to match meaningful volunteering opportunities with young people, so that they can develop their skills whilst giving back to their local community.

We also have another aspect that allows young people to create and deliver their own social action project, which could be something they are passionate about or a local issue that’s affecting the area.


Nice. & what are the overall aims of the project?

To create more intergenerational interactions between people, to build relationships and community build, to enable people to make a positive difference within their communities, to allow people to know more about their communities and feel like they can discuss important matters that affect the local area, and to increase the development of life skills for young people, to enhance the organisation by providing diversity and new ideas.


Who are the opportunities for?

Young people aged 13 – 25 from any occupation, but we are also looking for businesses and organisations that would welcome a young volunteer.


What will a young person gain from the programme?

  • Skills to help them in their future in education and/or employment.
  • Develop life skills and feel better prepared for adulthood.
  • Leading a positive change with their community.
  • Connection with their community.
  • Make positive friendship with their peers.
  • Increase confidence and self-worth.


& what might a business/organisation gain?

  • The chance to empower and teach a young person.
  • New skills, ideas and experience from the young person.
  • Connection with their community.
  • Increases diversity.
  • Improves reputation and supports the local area.
  • Makes a positive difference and build relationships with young people and the community.


How much support will the volunteer get along the way?

Volunteers are supported by the project officer throughout, with inductions, training, placements and further volunteering, employment or social action projects.


Does the young person have to complete much paperwork?

The young person has to complete a simple application form which can be done with the project officer or sent via email.  Afterwards the young person will complete an induction with the project officer, once completed the volunteer is ready to be placed.


& what about the business/organisation? What do you need from them? 

The business will have to complete a risk assessment check list form that will be sent via email and can be completed online.


For more information you can contact Amber Plumbly at

020 3780 5915


Author: greg

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