'The Green' – Tuesday 19th June, Oxford House, 6pm

June 12, 2018
Photo by Elliot Caunce, Falmouth University. For Love Bethnal Green, 2018

Notes from ‘The Green’ 19th June 2018 This is the first meeting we’ve had for a while, as we’ve been preparing our work for the coming year or so. We’re looking forward to sharing our plans with you, and hearing your news too – so please do come armed with updates on your business and your projects that we can then support via some promotion. We’ll be covering off the following points on Tuesday 19th, so please do join us, and share the meeting far and wide, as we all get more out of these interactions when there are more people in the room;

  • Training opportunities; what is available from LBTH for local business to access?
  • Characteristics of Bethnal Green; what needs particular attention & what can be done to support?
  • Markets; Our ambitions to engage with traders and inspire new ones
  • Promoting footfall;¬†Profiling local businesses, getting pragmatic around Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s, and key events later in the year.
  • What have you got coming up?¬†Fill us in on what you’ve got coming up so that we can build stories around your activity
  ‘The Green’ will run for an hour or so, starting at 6pm. The meeting takes place at Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, E2. We look forward to seeing you. Photo by Elliot Caunce, Falmouth University. For Love Bethnal Green, 2018]]>

Author: greg

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